There is no one reason as to why a person’s teeth may grow in crooked, twisted or overlapping.  The fact is these are often inherited traits just like you’re the color of your hair. 

Some people are born with mouths that are too small for their teeth, which cause them to shift.  Other people have an overbite or an underbite, which is the result of upper and lower jaws that are not the same size or are deformed.


A routine examination of your mouth teeth and jaws can determine if you are in need of braces.  Your orthodontist will recommend braces if they find any of the following signs:
·      Underbite or extending of bottom teeth forward beyond the upper teeth
·      Overbite or extending of upper teeth forward beyond the bottom teeth
·      Misaligned or crooked teeth
·      Gaps or spaces between teeth
·      Overlapping or crowding teeth

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