Adult Treatment

Orthodontic treatment, once thought of as an adolescent type of dentistry, is becoming more and more popular among adults. The fact that orthodontic procedures now straighten teeth, improve smiles and facial appearance is driving this new trend.

But orthodontic treatment is not only about cosmetics and straightening teeth. New techniques are focus on the facial structures which includes the jaw, lips and the tongue.

What’s The Difference?

A different approach to orthodontics is needed in order to treat adults. The tissues in adults are significantly more delicate and are not as flexible than children.

Common Adult Treatment

Recent studies show that females over 40 are prone to Bruxism as they commonly release tension through the mouth. Bruxism occurs when adults clench their jaws and grind their teeth to release tension.

Sixty-six percent of adult orthodontic treatments involve growth of the jaw. The jaw guides teeth. Jaw alignment dictates where your teeth end up in your mouth. Proper jaw growth can be achieved through corrective surgery.

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