Bad Spacing of Teeth

If your uncomfortable with the space in between your teeth, it’s time you contact an orthodontist and get the confident self-image you deserve. Spacing between you teeth can become a distractions to the people you talk with. You will notice as their eyes are diverted from you face to your teeth.

The fact is this is often an inherited trait just like the color of your hair. Spaces between teeth generally occur genetically when a person is born with less than the normal amount of teeth. Teeth spacing can also happen when a person has large jaws and small teeth.

This condition is typically treated with veneers, composite fillings or orthodontic treatment. For relatively small spaces, veneers or tooth cups are used to make the teeth appear wider. Composite fillings also increase the width of the teeth and close the gaps between them.

Orthodontic treatment is a longer process and requires the use of an orthodontic retainer to maintain results.


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