Improve Bite

Improve Your Bite

Having a good bite is important, not only to the look of your smile, but also to help ward off adverse affects and health conditions that come with an unhealthy bite.

Problems that affect your health and are caused by a bad bite include:

  • Difficulty or interference with chewing
  • Strain on the jaw and mouth that will result in the wear down of teeth and muscles, making them more susceptible to soreness, breaking, or dental disease.
  • Decrease in confidence.

Orthodontic work without an analysis of your bite can result in discomfort during and after your procedure, due to the mechanism not fitting correctly, or damage to your overall health and mouth.

Proper analysis is necessary to make sure the most effective orthodontic process is used to help create a great smile and boost your confidence. A better bite will improve your quality of life and the way you live it.


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