Tooth Gap

Why do I have a gap in my teeth?

Much like crooked teeth, gaps are very common. Tooth gaps occur most often between in the front teeth, but spaces can appear between any two teeth. They are typically passed down genetically or if a person is born with fewer than the normal amount of teeth. Teeth spacing can also happen if a person has large jaws and small teeth.

Gaps between your teeth can be a distraction when talking with friends or family and even cause an overall lack of confidence. We’re here to help you get that back!

If you’re uncomfortable about your tooth gap, our orthodontic team is here to help. Dr. McIntosh provides services to treat teeth gaps in children, teens and adults.

How to Fix a Tooth Gap

Tooth spaces are generally corrected with orthodontic treatment (Traditional Braces or Invisalign), cosmetic dentistry or a combination. It’s time to let your smile do the talking. Find out if orthodontic treatment is right for you with a free spacing consultation in our Orlando Area offices in Winter Park and Maitland.