Braces and Existing Dental Work

     #Patient Care

Many people are misled into thinking that if they have existing dental work such as crowns or bridges or if some of their teeth are missing they are doomed to living with crooked or misaligned teeth.

The truth is even if you have existing dental work, you can still be prescribed braces to help straighten your teeth.

Crowns and Bridges
With a bracket or a band on it, a tooth with a crown will move just like a tooth with a simple filling.

Bridges are not so easy to move. This is because a bridged tooth involves multiple joined teeth. In order to move bridged teeth, the bridge must either be sectioned or removed altogether.

Missing Teeth
Braces are actually an ideal solution if you have missing teeth. When teeth are missing, orthodontic treatment actually helps to align the remaining teeth and adjust the space of the missing teeth.