Correcting An Overbite: What Are My Options?

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Overbites are a common orthodontic issue that many people face. When the top row of your teeth partially covers the bottom row, this is considered an overbite.

The severity of an overbite is determined based on how much of the bottom row of teeth is covered up. For instance, when the top row completely covers the bottom, this would be a 100 percent overbite.

There are a number of treatments to correct an overbite, whether minor or severe. At McIntosh Orthodontics, our goal is to give you a smile and a bite you’re proud of.

How can I fix my overbite?

There are several options to correct an overbite. To help you decide on a treatment, Dr. McIntosh will analyze your bite during an initial exam. Once we’ve determined the severity of your bite problem, we can recommend the best treatment option for you. Corrective options include Traditional Braces or Invisalign Aligner Treatment.

Finding Your Overbite Fix

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to overbite correction. The only way to determine what is best for your bite is by scheduling an evaluation with our orthodontist.

During your first exam, we will assess your bite and overall orthodontic health. Then, we can recommend treatment options to get you the results you desire, and deserve.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your overbite for good, click here to schedule a complimentary overbite consultation Our offices are located in Winter Park and Maitland, Florida.