What Concerns Our Patients Most?

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Dr. David McIntosh and his team hear about three certain patient concerns the most during our pre-treatment consultations. We'll share those with you and will talk about each in this blog.

Spacing of the Teeth

A tooth gap or space between teeth is one of the most common concerns for our patients. Sometimes these occur because some teeth are smaller and do not meet-up against each other. For other patients, early habits such as thumb sucking have changed the alignment of the front teeth. Missing teeth or shifting due to periodontal disease can also create unwanted space.

Crowding of the Teeth

Crowded teeth can be thought of as the opposite of our tooth gap issue. There are teeth occupying the same space, overlapping and not providing enough space, even for proper brushing and flossing. Larger teeth, perhaps in the front, can also create a crowding issue in the smile.

Prominence of the Teeth

When we talk about prominence of the teeth, we are referring to teeth that are large, conspicuous and even pushing forward. Prominent teeth can make all the difference between a confident smile and a smile that might not be shared.

Dr. McIntosh has  been creating smiles since 1991, and confidently faces and solves these orthodontic issues daily at McIntosh Orthodontics. It's time to gain your smile confidence, even if you are an adult. We are ready to listen to your unique concerns and to provide your free consultation.