Why Kelly loves New Hope for Kids!


McIntosh Orthodontics is proud to have team members that are as devoted to serving our community as they are our patients!

Our treatment coordinator, Kelly, has volunteered for over four years at a nonprofit called New Hope for Kids. New Hope achieves its mission through two programs – The Center for Grieving Children and Wish for Kids – which provide assistance to children and their families during some of life’s most difficult challenges. New Hope for Kids also provides support services such as family events, resource information, and referral to other agencies for assistance when necessary. Their programs are available to children ages 3-19 who live in the Central Florida area.

As a volunteer grief facilitator, Kelly went through a 16 hour training program that is required in order to work directly with the children followed by experiential training during actual grief groups. Her main role is to encourage the expression of grief through grief-appropriate play and other activities such as arts, interactive play and painting.

Kelly says she loves to dedicate her free time with this organization because of the kids and the indescribable feeling she gets from helping them when they need it most. "Seeing their sad faces become smiles at the end of our time together is priceless!"

Thanks for the work you do to help such a great cause, Kelly!