Why More Adolescents are Choosing Invisalign Teen Over Traditional Braces

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Early consultations can help adolescents anticipate the kind of orthodontic needs they may have and the treatment they can expect to pursue in the future. Thanks to preventative methods, more and more people recognize the benefits of addressing orthodontic concerns during teenage years. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are more routes than ever to choose from when starting the orthodontic journey.

More and more teenagers are drawn to Invisalign Teen, a form of orthodontic treatment that uses removable clear aligner trays that straighten teeth under the radar. As Invisalign Teen proves to provide the same results as traditional braces, these are some other reasons they are gaining traction with so many.

Invisalign Teen Has a Subtle Appearance

Some teens are self-conscious about receiving traditional braces treatment, but Invisalign Teen lets them decide who knows about their orthodontic treatment. The teenage years are an integral time of building confidence, and Invisalign Teen gives teens and parents one less thing to worry about.

Invisalign Treatment is Convenient

Invisalign Teen aligners are relatively easier to incorporate into a teenager’s routine than traditional braces. Since the aligner trays are removable, hygiene routines aren’t complicated by wires and brackets. There are also no foods off limits because the trays are to be taken out while eating meals.


Invisalign Teen could be the perfect solution for helping your teen find their dream smile. Book your complimentary consultation with Dr. McIntosh today and see if Invisalign Teen is a right fit for their needs!