An Interview with Dr. McIntosh

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1. When not creating smiles, what do you do for fun?

In my time outside of the office I like to work out at the local YMCA, travel with my family, and learn about and collect art.

2. How are you celebrating the holidays?

Over the holidays we like to travel to Boca Grande. It is a great old Florida town where we see many of the same families every year.

3. How long have you been an orthodontist, and how has orthodontics changed since you first joined the field?

I graduated from my orthodontic residency in 1991. I moved back to central Florida and immediately joined Dr. Tom Nelson at his Maitland orthodontic practice. Dentistry is a great profession and orthodontics is the best specialty! The major change in orthodontics since I have been in practice, is Invisalign. It is a great alternative to braces with excellent results.

4. What advice to you offer to Invisalign patients after their treatment is over?

After completing orthodontic treatment the most important thing is to keep your teeth straight with retainers! Retainers are easy to wear and sometimes a few hours once or twice per week is all you need to do.

5. Did you ever have braces or Invisalign treatment?

I had braces treatment when I was 12- 13 years old. At that time each tooth had a “band” and these were uncomfortable to place and they showed a lot of metal. Today, braces are smaller and Invisalign aligners are clear. Orthodontic treatment is better today!